Exploring HANOI - What To See & Exact Cost

Travel has a lot to do with the costs of living. How cheap is Hanoi Vietnam? Today we break down the cost of accommodation, food and drink, transportation and also activities to help you budget your trip to Vietnam better, specifically in Hanoi which is the capital city of Vietnam, where we stay for 3 days and it totally make our experience in Vietnam amazing.

Vietnam is a place where you could find anything from nice and cheap budget backpacker hostel, great Airbnb room, great hotels, great budget friendly restaurants with reasonable prices, especially in the popular city of the country like Hanoi. The country is generally said a bit cheaper than Thailand, greatly affordable for budget traveler or backpackers who dream of traveling South East Asia. it is still a perfect place to see the culture of Vietnam, perfect for food travel and those who enjoy Vietnamese food. Hanoi also got its specialty in Pho, which is the popular Vietnamese food. With the short stay, we totally love it there in Hanoi.

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