Fira, Santorini | A Walking Tour of a Greek Island Paradise

Thanks to NGreyTravels for some amazing footage of Fira in Santorini, Greece. This Mediterranean island was once a larger island, but thousands of years ago a volcanic eruption blew most of the island apart, leaving a ring of islands that surround an underwater dormant volcanic caldera.

You can reach the island of Santorini by taking a Ferry from the mainland of Greece, or by booking a cruise on one of the many cruise lines that visit Santorini on a weekly basis.

When the cruise ships are in port the town can be quite crowded, as many people come to check out the iconic sunsets that happen nightly on the island. If you wish to have a more intimate experience in Santorini, we highly recommend that you book a stay in one of the resorts.

If you can afford the luxury accommodations, you can also book a suite with a private plunge pool on the patio overlooking the Mediterranean to give you a private and relaxing view of the sunset.