FIRST WEEK in the PHILIPPINES Vlog | Sagada, Kalinga, Manila Travel

This is my Philippines vlog about my first week here in this amazing country. I kicked it off in Manila Philippines, and then went north to Sagada and Kalinga in Northern Luzon.

I was thinking about doing a first day in the Philippines video, but thought the full week would be more interesting. There were so many incredible things to see up in Sagada! I thought I would show some of the top experiences I’ve had so far, and also show you what to come on this channel. Think of this a a little film festival, and a teaser of what is to come on my channel.

I've been waiting so long to travel Philippines again, and excited to finally make it happen this summer

Filipino food especially is very interesting. In this video you can see me trying etag, a putrifying pork dish common in sagada.
You’ll also see video footage of meeting Whang-Od, the last Kalinga tattoo artist, visiting The Blue Soil Hills, trying moma, and visiting the burial caves.

It’s travel blogger heaven here. Hopefully later I'll be able to daily vlog a bit before I go. It’s more fun in the Philippines!


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