Flachau review 2018 & 2019 4k

At the Heart of the Salzburg region of Austria, you can find a ski resort which is home to
one of the most unique snow parks, as well as one of the best Aprés ski bars in Europe.
Nestled at the centre of the Salzburg sportwelt ski area, a part of Austria largest ski
region, the ski Amade, that resort is none other than Flachau.
In this video we will show you everything you need to know before planning a vacation
in Flachau, and if you stick around until the end of the video, you’ll get some great tips
that will help you make better decisions, save time and most importantly, money!
The closest airports to Flachau are Salzburg, with a transfer time of 50 minutes; Munich
with a transfer time of 2 hours and 23 minutes and Innsbruck, with a transfer time of 2
hours and 40 minutes.
Flachau ski area is called Snowspace and is particularly well known for its fast chair
The ski area is comprised of 120 kilometres of connected ski runs together with Wagrain
and Alpendorf, and in 2014 got a big boost after the completion of the G-link Cablecar.
The village of Flachau, the home of the legendary ski champ Herman Mayer sits at an
altitude of 880 metres and what not many people know, is that next to the Strajet lift,
you can find one of the best Aprés ski bars in Austria, The Hofstadle. While the nightlife
in Flachau is average, the best places to have some fun in the evening are ‘Music
Stadle’ and ‘Fire & Ice’, the Austrian club brand.
Within a short 10 minute skibus drive from Flachau, you can find Flachauwinkel, which
also connects you to the villages of Zauchensee and Kleinarl.
The mountain that connects Flachauwinkl and Kleinarl is called Shuttleberg
In December 2019 or 2020, Shuttelberg and Flachau will be directly connected when
the construction of a 3.1 kilometre 10 seater gondola is complete, thereby making the
Snowspace ski area one of the largest in Austria!
In Shuttleberg you can find one of the best and most unique snow parks in Austria,
Absolut Snow Park.
The snow park is 1.5 kilometre long and readily caters for any fantasy a freestyler may
have in mind. There is even a skateboard park, where you can don your sneakers and
ride a board on the ramps.
To conclude, here are our ratings for Flachau:
For snowboarders: 8
Advance skiers: 7
Intermediate skiers: 7.5
Beginners: 8
Freestylers: 9.5
Free riders: 6
Night life: 7
Apre ski: 9
Resort charm: 7
Our total score for Flachau is 7.5
Our bonus tips for Flachau:
You Better come with a car to Flachau.
There are free parking lots next to the Spacejet and echterjet lifts.
Flachau is located on an exit from a-10,
a major highway that will lead you easily from the airport.
It can be a great base point for ski safari to explore the ski amade region.
If you don’t come with a car, the best place to stay is close to the starjet lift. That way you will be
close to the Hofstadle and to village center.

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