FOUR SEASONS ATHENS (Astir Palace) | Ultra-luxury hotel in Greece (full tour)

Join me on a full tour (in 4K) of Four Seasons Hotel Astir Palace, a phenomenal 5-star resort located on an idyllic peninsula along the Athens Riviera in Greece. Astir Palace is one of the best hotels I've ever stayed at.

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Video chapters:
0:00 Intro
3:04 Airport transfer
5:35 Arion courtyard
6:25 Arion lobby
11:30 Royal Arion Suite
22:55 Arion pool
25:30 Nafsika courtyard
27:24 Nafsika lobby
30:40 Nafsika pool
37:38 Boardwalk & beaches
53:06 Lunch at Helios
54:43 Bungalows
58:02 Sunset
59:27 Dinner at Pelagos (one Michelin star)
1:03:50 Dinner at Taverna 37
1:07:42 Dinner at Mercato
1:11:24 Breakfast
1:17:58 Avra Lounge & Bar
1:20:14 Spa
1:28:00 Gym

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