Freediving Icebergs with Kiki Bosch

Venture alongside Kiki Bosch as she pushes her limits swimming through the frozen waters surrounding Iceland. Free diving is an escape for many from the weight of the world above, but not many would ever dare to focus specifically on temperatures below freezing. Kiki uses the cold as a way to challenge her body and more importantly her mind, teaching herself about importance of determination & resiliency along the way.

She openly and courageously discussed past trauma and how she learned to reconnect with herself through free diving in extreme conditions. Kiki hopes that through the sharing of this story, you’ve been inspired to channel the power within yourself - because we are capable of so much more than we know!

Make sure to follow Kiki as she continues to push boundaries, to overcome, and to create!

Please know Kiki is a certified professional athlete and has years of training. She follows extensive safety precautions and has a team to support during her diving excursions. This is not to be tried without proper guidance and training.

Music: "Grace" by Tony Anderson