FUN THINGS TO DO IN SIQUIJOR - Philippines Travel Vlog Ep 17

Here are some fun things to do on Siquijor Island, Philippines.

In order of the places we visited:

1. Cambugahay Falls - I recommend going early before a lot of people get there.

2. St Isidore de Labrador Church

3. Secret beach (That’s not the real name of it… it’s literally just a secret beach. Ask Chris at Lazy Lizard Hostel for directions if you want to go here. It’s a nice spot… but it’s not the best beach since it’s not really sand, just dead coral. It’s definitely an adventure to get there since it’s way off the main road and you need to ride through the jungle for a while. I think the journey getting there was actually more exciting than the destination itself.

4. Paradise Bay - I don’t think we went to the right place because the spot we ended up was not really much of paradise at all. I wasn’t in charge of directions so I blame that on the girls :) I just googled "Paradise Bay" and photos show a place much different haha

5. Coco Grove - There’s a place to swim and pay a small fee to snorkel. I met someone who said it was really nice to snorkel there. We didn't snorkel, but we ended up just relaxing at the Resort which was very beautiful… and if you just act confident, no-one will care that you use the facilities ;) (You can park your bike on the side of the resort. You'll see other bikes parked there. Then you can walk around and enter the resort from the beach.)

6. Lugnason Falls + Zodiac Falls - Highly recommend visiting these beautiful falls. Again, to beat the crowd, it’s best to go about an hour and a half before sunset which will give you enough time to explore and there probably won’t be many people.

7. Salagdoong Beach - This is a popular place for tourists and local families. Weekends are usually much more crowded since it’s a public beach and many local families come for BBQs. Overall, it was a nice spot to swim and relax. The waterslide wasn't operational when I was there but are some platforms you can use for cliff jumping.

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