Follow us on our journey to East Greenland!
Between jagged glaciers and secluded valleys, isolated villages and slowly dancing icebergs, Greenland is the home of giants. Entrancing each traveler with its calming ambiance, East Greenland provides an antidote to the hectic rush of modern life. Join us as we explore one of the last wild places on our planet.

Key Stats:
Duration of trip: 16 days
Time of year: August-September
Total cost: Roughly 6305 Euro (Flights 2290 Euro; Accommodation 1456 Euro; Activities 1651 Euro; Parking Keflavík Airport 158,82 Euro; Food & Drink ca. 700 Euro)
Icebergs spotted: 8352

Accommodation we stayed at:
Hotel Angmagssalik -
Hut B1216 - Contact Lars of
Private Hut in Tiilerilaaq - Contact Line of
The Red House -

Tour operators:
Wilderness Sauna -
Knud Rasmussen Glacier & Johan Peterson Glacier -
Walking on Greenland Ice Sheet -
Ice Climbing & Cave -
Boat trips in general -

Thank you:
A massive THANK YOU goes to Anna Burdinski of Visit East Greenland who helped us immensely with organizing activities on the ground. A big thank goes to Mathane Qatsa who helped us tremendously with "correctly" pronouncing all Greenlandic names. We'd also like to thank Laali Berthelsen & Tanny Por from Visit Greenland for financially supporting this documentary. Last but not least, a big thank you to Rasmus Poulsen of Tasiilaq Tours ( and Niccoló Segreto from Nunatak Adventures ( for taking us out on epic adventures!

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Real Talk:
Despite our attempt at keeping our Greenland Travel Documentary as authentic as possible, you are still watching a highlight reel. When editing, we naturally tend to choose the most exciting clips.

The people of Greenland hunt seals, whales, and dolphins. Other than fish, these marine mammals are an important food source. Every part of the animal is used. Still, among some, this type of hunting will spark outrage. However, understand that very little grows in Greenland, as the summer lasts only around 2 months. Most fruits and vegetables, as well as all other types of food, need to be imported, causing high transport costs and emissions and resulting in astronomical prices. No citizen of Europe or North America has any right to judge the lifestyle of these people who rely on locally available, sustainable food sources.

Do we prefer whales swimming wild and free in the ocean? 100%. However, in our daily lives, most of us have the luxury of buying everything we could think of in a nearby supermarket. Greenlanders do not have that option.

Greenlanders know where their food comes from. Most of us in the West do not. It is easy to judge people and their lifestyles even if we know little about them. And if after all of that, you still believe Greenlanders should stop hunting seals, you are placing ideology above reason.

Full Disclosure:
This trip was supported by Visit Greenland. The tourism board paid for our flights from Iceland to Kulusuk as well as our helicopter flight from Kulusuk to Tasiilaq. Moreover, they supported us by funding some of the activities. Additionally, we didn’t have to pay for the trips with Tasiilaq Tours and Nunatak Adventures. All accommodations and other activities were self-funded.

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00:00 Intro
01:10 Geography
02:00 Arrival in Kulusuk
02:33 Flight to Tasiilaq
04:10 Tasiilaq
06:50 East Greenland
08:14 Lonely Sauna
10:16 Boat Trip to Knud Rasmussen Glacier
11:55 Sermiligaaq
13:20 Knud Rasmussen Glacier
17:25 Ikateq Bluie East Two Airbase
20:00 Rainy Weather in Tasiilaq
21:00 Tasiilaq Garden
22:10 Heading to Tiilerilaaq
23:10 Greenlandic Winter House
24:50 Tiilerilaaq
26:50 Culture of Hunting
28:00 Sermilik Ice Fjord
34:35 The March of the Icebergs
36:40 Northern Lights over Ice Fjord
37:30 The name ‚Greenland‘
38:20 Humpback Whales
39:55 Bye Bye Tiilerilaaq
40:52 Ikkateqq
41:40 Hiking in East Greenland
43:10 Sled Dogs
46:05 Kayak
48:00 Johan Peterson Fjord
50:25 Greenland Inland Ice Sheet
53:05 Orcas and rough weather
53:53 Ice Climbing
56:00 Ice Cave
58:24 Apusiaajik Glacier
59:26 Northern Lights in Tasiilaq
01:00:28 Outro