HaYarkon Park Tel Aviv

Hayarkon park is Tel Aviv largest city park and located along the Yarkon river, which it named upon. the official name of the park is " Ganey ( gardens in Hebrew) Yehosha" named on Tel Aviv Mayour in 1969-1974. the park size is 3500 dunam, and has many attractions like artificial lake, botanical gardens, bicycle trails and other sport facilities/ north to the park you can fin Tel Aviv amusement park ( the Luna park) and Tel Aviv fairgrounds, where the 2019 Eurovision
song contest will take place in May 14-18. in the park itself, the largest rock concerts in the country take place.
the park has wild life, and Jackles can be spotted.
the park located north to the neighboring city of Ramat Gan and lies between the main city of Tel Aviv and its northern suberbian neighborhoods like Ramat Aviv, where Tel Aviv university is located.
the park sprawl from the yarkon river estuary to the Mediterranean sea until the hi tech area of Ramat HaHayal.