He Works 365 Days Every Year (Seychelles)

My visit to the Seychelles has been underwhelming (if I'm being nice). The combination of bad weather and a public holiday has left me stranded with almost nothing to do, nobody to meet and no sites to see.

But amid all of my loneliness, I managed to find one small shop open in the capital town of Victoria, where I was kindly greeted by an Indian man, named Hari Haran, who was working behind the counter.

After speaking with him for just a few minutes and getting to know his life story (and struggles), I asked for his permission to record our talk and put it on my FB page. He agreed, and that is what you are about to watch in this video. Can you believe that he works 365 days every year? Could you ever work 365 days in one year?

Listening to his story is a reminder to be thankful if you are happy with your job and are able to live closely with your loved ones. Unfortunately for Hari Haran, this is not the case.

Despite his tough situation, we managed to connect while having a very nice conversation. I'm telling you guys, the most rewarding part about traveling is getting to meet people from all walks of life.

Music: Epidemic Sound

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