How I Lost $100,000 Pursuing MY DREAM

UPDATE: it's been exactly 12 months since my project failed and I decided to make an update video about how my life has actually changed for the better because of it. Check it out here:

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8 months and 10 days ago I started working on the best business idea I had ever come up with my life. I called it Explorio and it was supposed to become a travel reviews platform that rewards its users for writing travel reviews thus allowing them to fund their travels indefinitely.

As passionate as I was about Explorio, we faced some obstacles on the way that we couldn't resolve and eventually had to close down the project, netting me a loss of over $100,000 and making me the only person who lost money on this venture.

Most people seem to be ashamed to talk about their failures, but I think it's a total waste. That's why I wanted to make this video and share the biggest professional failure of mine ever since launching my first company 9 years ago.

Hope it will inspire you to never give up reaching your dreams.


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Huge thanks to everyone who worked on Explorio. We would never have gone this far without these people.

Team Members:

Linas Vastakas, Ingvaras Merkys, Rikki Guy, Juozas Valancius, Rolandas Simkus, Adomas Jazdauskas, Rhiannon Payne, Asad Zulfahri, Adomas Baltagalvis, Thibault Lemaitre, Leslie Buna.


Ahmed Bhuiyan, Monika Zaman, Dan Trzcinski, Ksenia Repina, Jaro Satkevic, Joshua Steinberg, Robertas Visinskis, Augustas Staras, Fabian Wetekamp.


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