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Though driving around in a 4x4 is CRAZY fun, driving in Iceland can be a bit scary at times so here's our guide with the top things you should think about. We also have a guide on our 18 Top Things To Do whilst you're there, including some gems if you are hiring a car:

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Getting around Iceland on your own is surprisingly straight-forward. The main Ring Road connects all the major towns and if you stick to it, you can’t really go wrong. Now bear in mind that driving here is nothing like driving at home so there are a few things you need to know…

Summer is the time to do a driving holiday, as the roads will be open and the conditions will be good with lots of daylight. The weather in Winter can make driving difficult and once you leave Reykjavik it can get quite dangerous. It’s not recommended unless you really know what you’re doing; getting stuck in a white-out isn’t fun.

If you plan on straying off the Ring Road, then hire a four wheel drive car. the roads can be uneven and pot-holes are common. Do not go on F Roads, as hire cars are not allowed on them. Off-road driving is forbidden as it damages the environment. You’ll get fined around 350,000 Krona if caught. Speed limits: 50km in populated areas, 80km on gravel roads and 90km on paved roads. You’re required to have your headlights on at all times when driving, even during daylight. Some bridges are single lane only; the driver closest to the bridge has priority.

Petrol stations are few and far between and often unmanned. Fill up when you can and use a credit or cash card for payment. The Icelandic website has lots of detailed information on driving in Iceland, so make sure to give it a read before you hire a car. And remember - you drive on the right!