How To Use The London Underground | Travel better in ENGLAND!

Here's our 90 second guide on how to use London Underground! We'll show you how to use the Tube Map, how to pay for a ticket, what the opening times are and - most importantly - what Tube etiquette is!

Does it still seem a bit scary? Put all your questions in the description box below and we'll get back to you with some awesome answers :D

The London Underground is one of the City of London's greatest attributes. You'll go from stunning Art Deco to impressive futuristic architecture within a matter of minutes. Sit back (if you aren't travelling in rush hour), enjoy the ride and Mind the Gap!

Here's the full video of Dan and Sian-Amy's Underground v walking race:

And here's the link to TfL's website:

We'll have loads more London videos coming soon :)

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The London Underground has twelve colour-connected train lines and 270 stations carrying over a billion people across the city every year.

Here’s our 90 second guide to using it!

Find your start and end stations on a Tube map. Join up the lines between, changing at stations where necessary.

Of course there are smart phone apps that can figure all of that out for you. We like this one. It plans your route, has live updates, tell you what a taxi would cost for the same journey and walking times between stations, which is sometimes much easier and faster than the Tube.

The Tubes are open from around 5am until midnight, though a reduced Night Tube service is due to open on some lines at the weekends.

Paper tickets or contactless payment can be used at the barriers. Single journey cash tickets are far more expensive so we’d always recommend using contactless if you can. Using contactless is the same price as using a pre-paid Oyster card or a daily travelcard ticket. The barrier system works out the journeys you’ve made in a day and will cap your fare at the appropriate travelcard price.

But remember to always tap in and out on the yellow pads, even if the barriers are open, or you could be charged with the maximum possible fare.

Follow the colour-coded signs to the right line, then choose your direction of travel to get to the right platform. You can always double-check the list of stops at the entrance to each platform.

Some lines separate into branches, so check the last stop on your route against the destination on the train to avoid getting on the wrong branch.

There are loads of written and unwritten rules when using the Tube but here are some of the most important: stand to the right on the escalators; move down the platform so you don’t block the entrance; let people off the train first, before boarding; and of course don’t forget, ‘Mind the Gap’.

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