I WASN'T READY FOR THIS Trying MOMA | Philippines travel vlog

In the Philippines travel vlog, we begin our search for the Hanging Coffins of Sagada. I meet my guide Chris and we make a quick stop to have some Moma before trekking into the forests. My first week in the Philippines has been such an adventure. There is so much to see here!

As a foreigner in the Philippines, I had never heard of this strange combination of plants called Moma. Areca nut can be found in a lot of places in the world. You can usually see the orange smiles on the people, or the stains in the street. While similar to the Betel nut I had once in Indonesia, this was a different leaf and contained tobacco.

I thought I was ready for this experience, but immediately felt hot, sweaty, and shaky. My whole body started to buzz with electricity, and my heart started to race. The locals do this all day long, but I could barely handle myself. I ended up gagging in the bushes and had to lay down. It was INTENSE.

To my Filipino and Filipina fans. Would you try this? Would you make the trip up from Manila Philippines to see the coffins?




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