Is Taipei Beautiful? - Surprises In Taipei

It's time to reveal our thoughts on Taiwan. This is our first time as foreigners exploring Taiwan. We decided to settle ourselves for a month in Taipei and we have come to realize that this country is full of surprises.

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1. No street vendors
2. Dancing Kids
3. Taiwanese manner
4. Taipei 101
5. The attempt to reduce plastic
6. Arcade at night market ( For us, it gives the feeling of the fair instead of night market )
7. The love toward Sun Yat Sen and Chiang Kai Sek ( As shown from the Taiwanese 100 NT and 200 NT banknotes )
8. Changing guard
9. Rock path Massage and massage to cure a specific health issue
10. North gate history
11. lifting temple
12.Dadoacheng neighborhood
13. The magic tea
14. The charging battery for scooter
15 ------ You Find Out ----------

↠ SUM-UP : Taiwan (台灣) is surely our new favourite travel destination in 2019. We rent apartment to stay for a month in Taipei (台北) shown in this video : and totally love the neighborhood of Taipei main station ( highly recommended as the best place to stay in Taipei (in our opinion))

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