Italy, the eternal country

In ten coastal areas of Italy, we encounter people that have a very special relationship with their region. All of them love their country, their traditions and their work.
We met with enthusiasts and hedonists that permitted us to take a glimpse into their everyday lives. Young Italians, who have rediscovered nature and its treasures. Others, that preserve the beauty, archaeologists that apply whole new methods, farmers that only cultivate that which the soil needs. Fishermen, who fish in the same way as it was done a century ago and tough, young men who play and dance the Tarantella. Dolphins, giant sea turtles and pink flamingos, which are researched, nursed back to health or simply observed. Cave explorers, sail makers and coffee specialists are also part of the big picture.
Flying drone cameras provide birds-eye views and are an important element of the films. The results are spectacular images from completely different angles which provide us with landscape overviews and detailed insights, the likes of which have never been seen before.