Jaffa, Israel 2018 4k from Mavic drone

Jaffa or Yaffo in hebrew is the oldest and southern part of Tel Aviv. Jaffa was inhabited since 7500 BCE.
It serves as a port for 3000 years.
In the 19th century, during the ottoman empire, Jaffa became more and more importanat and was the main gateway for the holy land.
many jews was migrated in that period, and in 1887 the first jewish neighbourhood, out of the old city, Neve Tzedek, founded.
In 1892 the Jaffa- Jerusalem railway line opened and made Jaffa even more central.
in 1909 Tel Aviv fouded, and in 1949, after the war, Jaffa was unite with Tel Aviv, thus changing the latter name to Tel Aviv- Jaffa as it called today.
in 2018 Jaffa is the most touristic quarter of Tel Aviv and attract many hipster, artist and bohemian.
here are the main gems you can see in the video:
0:00-0:40+1:47-2:40 - the port and the old city and st peter church
0:40-0:55 - Hamidron Park
55- 1:06 - the American German colony
1:06- 1:21- the flea market area which is one of the best in the world and also have good pubs,bars and restaurants.
1:21-1:35- the clock square which is the center of Jaffa
1:35-1:47 - the old train station compound which today is an entertainment area and lies between the American colony and Neve Tzedek

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