Kenya - Safari through the land of the rhinos

Fascinating landscapes and a breathtaking variety of animals, this is Kenya. From elephant to leopard and giraffe to rhinoceros, this area is a place for the animals of Africa where to grant them protection is more important for the people than to hunt them.

A variety of national parks award Kenya as a paradise for animals. These refuges are also an important standing leg for the tourism. Many of them are managed by the state, however, some are operated by animal welfare organisations or private animal lovers.

The Solio game reserve is such a place. It is regarded as the first managed privately owned rhino refuge in Africa. Not only rhinos find protection from poachers here but also almost all other typical animals of Africa, as for example buffaloes, giraffes, zebras, gazelles, and leopards and many more. However, Solio was not the only place of interest for the camera team.

German Africa expert and journalist Frank Wirth led the colleagues through the country. They were allowed to film peoples like the Samburu and observed elephant herds. They experienced the everyday life of the rural population and learned how a family survives from selling the fruits of only one big mango tree. On several safaris they experienced the diversity of the African bush. One of the highlights of the trip was to capture thousands of flamingos. But thanks to the support of Frank and some members of the native tribes also Nile crocodiles, and hippos could be filmed from a close distance as it normally is almost impossible.