Learning French - Basic Phrases for Paris

BONJOUR! The PARIS TRAVEL GUIDE is here, and to get you all in the Parisian spirit... we thought we'd share some useful French phrases for your visit!

Watch Dan and Thomas from Discover Walks, as Thomas tries to teach him all the phrases he needs to navigate his way through Paris!!

Wait for the 'Nonononononononon...' :D

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So I’m here with Tom from Discover Walks, and Tom is going to help me with some french Phrases!

Ok, so how do i say Hello?
Hello, basic one so it’s Bonjour!
I’m sure you’ve heard that before..
Yeah, yes!
Bonjour, ers yeah is the most important one, you wanna say Bonjour! Whenever you enter a shop, err if you buy your croissants, you need to say Bonjour! Ok, it’s the first thing to turn an angry Parisian into a normal person!
So goes from -1, to normal person!

What about Salut?
Salut? Oh yeah it’s for friends! Friends!

Err, so yes?! How do I say yes?!
Ok be careful because there’s two ways! There’s the Oui, you say in society, and the one with your friends.. which is ouiii, and people often think that’s two different words, but it just means the same.

Ok, and No?
Easy one!
Yeah, but the Parisian way is never just a non, it’s non… seven times in row!! Like. nonononononononon!! Something like that!

That’s the Parisian way!

Ok, arm Please!
Sil vous plait.
Sil vous plait.
This one is not easy to articulate! Try it again…
Sil vous plait.
Ok, good…
Thank you.. Merci.

My name is Dan.
mon nomme? Je m’appelle Dan.
What’s mon name?
My name is… it’s more formal. It’s weird to say that.. Mon nomme..
Je m’appelle Dan.
Oui, Je m’appelle Dan.

Ok, arm this one was quite useful.
Do you speak English?
Est-ce que vous parlez anglais?
Est-ce que vous parlez anglais?
Est-ce que vous - parlez - anglais?.
Est-ce que vous parlez anglais?
Almost no accent!

People will get it don’t worry!
errrr, they might tell you no I don’t,. In English..
That would just really confuse me I think.

Err I don’t understand.
Je ne comprends pas.
Je ne comprends pas.
Bravo! Well done!
Je ne comprends pas.

Ok, arm can we count from 1 to 10?
We can! You wanna try it?
Can I try it?

Go ahead… go ahead..

huit neuf dix

beautiful! Well .. bravo!

errm, where is the nearest metro station?
ermm it’s going to be… Ou se trove le metro?
It’s going to be where’s the metro? Ou se trove le metro Sil vous plait! But that’s a long sentence so you wanna memorise it?
Ou se trove le metro Sil vous plait!?
Sorry I’m going to fast!
Ou se trove le metro, and then… Sil vous plait!
Of course!!
Ou se trove le metro, and then… Sil vous plait!
Well done!
There you go!

How do I ask for a table for two? Please?
Une table pour deux s’il vous plait?
That’s an easy one!
Une table pour deux s’il vous plait? Oui!

Err, I would like?
Je Voudrais!
Je Voudrais!

Err I would like the frogs legs…please.
You don’t really want the frogs legs..
No I don’t think I do!
It’s one of the meats of a Parisian.. I’ve tried it the first time 5 months ago! First time in my life.. It’s… ok, ok, it’s a mid between fish and chicken!
Oh ok…
It’s very small, but i was very unwell afterwards.
Err… Je Voudrais les cuisses de grenouilles S’il vous plait?
Err… Je Voudrais les cuisses de grenouilles S’il vous plait?
de grenouilles
de grenouilles - ah see this one is tough! de grenouilles!
de grenouilles - ah oui. de grenouilles.
de grenouilles! Ah yes!
ok, de grenouilles s’il vous plait!
ok, now go ahead…
Je Voudrais les cuisses de grenouilles S’il vous plait?
You have it? It’s a tough one..
I might just skip that one!!
Ask for the croissant! Le Croissant..
Je voudrais le croissant s’il vous plait.. Une…croissant..
Duex Croissant
ahhhhh duex!

Err can I have the bill please?
L’addittion s’il vous plait?
L’addittion s’il vous plait?
L’addittion s’il vous plait?!

How much is it?
C’est combien?
C’est combien?

Thank you?

Good bye?
Au revoir!
Au revoir!
I’m using an English accent - Au revoir!
Au revoir!

Err I think that’s everything - I’m ready to go get Paris I think!

Thank you very much!
You’re welcome!
Thank you!

Thank you!