Les Menuires

Les Menuires sits at an altitude of 1,850 meters, located in the 3 Valley Ski Area of the
French Alps.
In this video, we will show you the most important things that you need to know before
booking a vacation in Les Menuires.
And if you stay until the end of the video, you will get some great tips that will help you
to make better decisions and save money!
The closest airports to Les Menuires are Chambery, Lyon And Geneve, with transfer
times of 1 hour and 45 minutes, 2 and a half hours, and 3 hours, respectively.
Les Menuires has the largest ski pass from all the resorts in the 3 Valley Area with 160
kilometres of connected runs.
The excellent connections of Les Menuires to the rest of 3 Valleys is better than Val
Thorens and Courchevel!
The Village of Les Menuires is huge, and actually, separated into 5 residential quarters:
Preyerand, La Cruisette, Les Fontanettes, Grand Reberty and Les Bruyeres.
Each quarter has its own shopping center with all the services you would usually need.
In Les Bruyeres and La Cruisette you have indoor public pools.
La Cruisette is the center of the whole resort and features a huge gallery.
It Is very convenient, especially in the colds of the winter, but can be a bit
When in La Cruisette, you can really see the vision of the future from a 1960s
perspective,when Les Menuires was planed, taking you right back to scenes of an old
science fiction movies.
La Cruisette is connected with gondola lifts to the quarters of Preyerand and Les Fontanettes.
On top of this, the 5 quarters are connected with free shuttles that run up until 11:30pm.
BecauseLes Menuires is located on a slope, most of the hotels and apartments are ski
in ski out, or almost ski in ski out.
The resort itself actually sits across an altitude range of between 1,600 and 2,000
metres — that’s how vast it is!
if you’re looking to visit the one of the best, if not the best Apres Ski bars in the world —
the Foley Douce in Val Thorens, you don’t need to shell out the extra cash for a 3
Valleys Ski Pass.
After the party, ski on Plain Sud run and then continue via Val Thorens to Boulevard
Cuminn run until you arrive at the Doron lift, which will take you to a point from where
you can ski to just about anywhere in Les Menuires.
Take note that the Doron lift closes at 04:50PM until the beginning of February and at
05:20PM, from February.
For the party animals watching, unfortunately you’re out of luck if you expect a night life
or real apre ski scene in Les Menuires, as the resort is very much family oriented.
Les Menuires has many winter activities, and has a special rail toboggan named
Speed Mountain, in Les Bruyeres.
To conclude, here’s our numbers for Les Menuires:
These ratings are based on a trip including the 3 Valleys Ski Pass
For Snowboarders: 9
Advanced skiers: also 9
Intermediates skiers: 9
For Beginners: it’s an 8
Freestylers: 8
For Free riders: a perfect 10
Night life: 6
Apres ski: 9 (because of the access to Foley Douce)
Resort charm: 7
Giving a final resort score of: 8.9