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Let’s Go to where culture meets adventure - the architecture will fascinate you and the experiences you have will thrill you. While Dubai may be known for its lavish shopping and grandeur malls, there is so much more to explore in this desert haven. This is an atmosphere unlike anywhere you’ve ever seen, and to experience this desert wonderland in its fullest light, check out our itinerary below for Dubai’s hidden gems.

Start your weekend by really getting to know Dubai and the things that make it so extraordinary. Venture to Ripe Market in the early morning to witness the surreal community of local talent and businesses that come together to produce this one-of-a-kind market. Here you can find artisans, designers, and cuisine galore. To continue your adventure that is Dubai, make your way to Jumeirah Beach and visit Surf House Dubai. Surf House’s unconventional and hip environment will fulfill all of your surfing and paddle boarding needs. Afterward, use their facilities to shower off and unwind in their relaxing cafe with fresh, healthy lunch plates. They even often have yoga classes held upstairs, and if you’re looking for a thoughtful and meditative afternoon, make sure to schedule time for a class. Your perfect Dubai evening will start at a cooking class where you will experience the local cuisine hands-on. Learn native Emirati and Middle Eastern recipes from a chef who collected recipes from mothers and grandmothers in the local community. Discover authentic ingredients such as 'loomi,' 'bezar' and 'malleh.'


Take a hot air balloon ride over the endless sand dunes for an adventure you’ll never forget. Be an early riser and venture off into the desert to experience the feeling of peacefully floating into the Arabian sky. Before your eyes, the horizon will blend into beautiful hues of yellows and oranges, painting the ideal Dubai sunrise from 4,000 feet high. Head back to the city for an afternoon of exploring the area of Old Dubai. Being your journey in Al Fahidi, a historical neighborhood known for its traditional buildings and preserved surroundings. For the history buff, make sure to visit Al Fahidi Fort, the home to Dubai Museum’s pearl-diving exhibits, as well as Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House, a former royal residence showcasing the stories of past residents through photos and documents. To truly witness the hustle and bustle that is a Dubai evening, head over to City Walk for a vast array of shopping, fine dining, and entertainment. Enjoy The Green Planet, the region’s first bio-dome that recreates the enchanting world of a tropical forest with its rich biodiversity of over 3,000 plants and animals. After you’ve worked up an appetite from your trek in the rainforest, enjoy a wonderful meal at one of the nearby restaurants and have yourself a dining experience like no other.

Start your Sunday with a day trip to the beautiful city of Hatta. A 90-minute drive from Dubai, set out right at sunrise to maximize time in this town. Begin your ascent for a morning hiking on the trails near Hatta’s Water Dam, where you will experience sunrise with the backdrop of beautiful mountains and glistening turquoise waters. You will feel like you are on Mars with these views, and it’s the perfect getaway for nature-lovers. On the way down, make time to rent a kayak and explore this view a completely different way. This outdoor adventure is like no other, and the blue waters rival any other like it.

After you’ve soaked up the beauty of Hatta, make your way back to Dubai for an evening safari on the desert. Indulge in dune bashing to the backdrop of pink and golden skies, and enjoy dinner gazing at the stars of a true Arabian night.

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