LET'S GO - SAN FRANCISCO | Beautiful Destinations

My name is Andy To from Oakland California, I’ve dedicated my life to spreading positivity and creating stories through film making.

This video is about the big city that lived next door to my hometown Oakland. I knew if I made a video about the Bay Area that I couldn't do it alone. I hit up my friends, outsourced some video and audio from the community and ended up with this. Thank you to everyone who contributed a piece of themselves into this. I seriously couldn't have done this without you. I'm proud to be from the bay and I hope that this video does it justice.

Here's to the Golden State Warriors winning the NBA Finals! They've "Won the West" and shown "Strength in Numbers".

Andy To's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/andyto/

Special thanks to:

Alex Rios
Brian Nguyen
Chris Henderson
David Quach
Ezekiel Yan
Joe Lee
Matt Maniego
Phillip Santos
Ramil Sumalpong