Living in a Van (Day 448) - In Debt with No Regrets

I'm in debt but don't regret going to college. The debt thing has been an inner struggle for me for a while. Why did I even go to college? How am I going to get out of debt? These questions have run laps around my mind for at least a few years and have really surfaced for me while living van life. Do I regret going to college? No, because it put me on the path that led to where I am right now. And I'm exactly where I need to be. However, if I were to relive it, and for some reason had the same awareness that I have now about what my passions are and what we are capable of as human beings, I probably wouldn't choose the same path.

Are you interested in staying updated on my debt payoff strategy while I'm living in a van? If you're interested in learning how I get out of debt, please let me know. Thanks for all of the feedback and love. xo