Local Filipino - Making Calamay in Bohol

"Calamay Kulas…. You must try Calamay!"

Heading to bohol this was a phrase that I heard over and over again from Filipinos around the country! Well I decided why not see if I could not only try to eat it, but make it as well! Wahoo!

I was so blessed to meet Nanay Ching and be invited into her house in Jagna, Bohol! I didn't even realize that her family was actually one of the original Calamay makers in Bohol! It literally was a "Family Tradition/Business".

What else surprised me!? Everything was done BY HAND! Amazing! No machines, just hand made, the traditional way, with a whole lotta happiness and love! Awesome! I was beyond impressed when I first walked into the main cooking room with its four big pots known as "Kawa" being heated over traditional wood fires!

They continually stir the ingredients…. for 7 hours!! Whoaa! Seriously what a work out, as it is a sticky mixture that takes a lot of effort to stir! The guys stirring are seriously "Kusgan Kaayo" (very strong). I had an absolute blast trying each part of the cooking and packaging process!

Calamay making!! Awesome!

I have to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone at Ching's Calamay in Jagna Bohol. I literally just showed up one morning having never met them before! They didn't just teach me how to make Calamay...

But in the evening they even cooked fish for me, and opened up their house as if it was my own. I am so blessed to have met you all and have had this experience! Salamat Kaayo!!

One day at a time, One Calamay at a time… #BecomingFilipino

Super Calamay Apir!!