London 8K Video Ultra HD (60 FPS) - Capital of England - Drone View

#London 8K Video Ultra HD (60 FPS) - Capital of England - Drone View
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► Total Numbers Of Clips In this video are - 53

1. Big Ben, Time Lapse, London 00:00
2. Time lapse of Tower Bridge 00:08
3. London City Iconic Skyline, London Capital City of United Kingdom 00:16
4. Fly Around Medieval Part of Tower of London 00:26
5. Aerial Panoramic View of the Canary Wharf Business District in London 00:35
6. Aerial shot, sliding left to right panning down with the London skyline in the background 00:45
7. Slide and Pan Footage of Famous Old Baroque Saint Pauls Cathedral 00:56
8. Aerial View to the Beautiful Tower Bridge and the Skyline of London 01:06
9. Oxford University 01:30
10. Greenwich Thames River Aerial Drone 01:43
11. Ascending Evening Footage of Tower Bridge Over River Thames 01:56
12. Ascending Footage of Thames River South Bank at Night 02:11
13. Docklands London Aerial Drone 02:24
14. Aerial View of the Distant London Skyline From Docklands 02:37
15. Tower of London Iconic Monument is a Symbol of London City 02:45
16. Aerial London Shard Skyscraper View 02:52
17. Flying over Finsbury Park, panning up to reveal Barbican Estate on a hazy day in London 03:04
18. Aerial Panoramic View of the Canary Wharf Business District in London 03:21
19. Docklands London Aerial Drone 03:33
20. Aerial Night View of Tower of London Castle and Tower Bridge 03:44
21. Aerial View to the Illuminated Tower Bridge and Skyline of London at Night UK 03:59
22. Aerial View to the Illuminated Tower Bridge and Skyline of London at Night UK 04:10
23. Low angle of the Big Ben, London 04:20
24. London Modern Buildings 04:25
25. London Suburb Tall Residential Building at Canada Water 04:42
26. Beautiful Buildings in London 04:52
27. Famous Buildings in London 05:04
28. Forwards Fly to Medieval Royal Castle 05:18
29. Fly Over Tower of London Historic Royal Castle 05:32
30. London City 05:42
31. London Neighborhood Buildings, Suburbs of Crystal Palace 05:54
32. London Downtown 06:06
33. Westminster and Big Ben, London 06:20
34. Timelapse of Big Ben 06:30
35. London Skyline Financial Center Business, Docklands England 06:40
36. Houses in Residence Area Canada Water, London 06:50
37. Streets of London. Rooftops and Overground Station of Surrey Quays 07:04
38. Panoramic aerial view of two tall buildings in Ilford, London on a sunny day 07:14
39. London Town Suburb Crystal Palace and it`s Residential Houses 07:24
40. Reverse aerial shot of residential buildings in Ilford, London on a sunny day 07:32
41. The Beautiful Palace Of Westminster in London 07:39
42. The Big Ben or Tower Clock in London 07:48
43. The Top View of the Westminster Abbey Church 07:56
44. Above the Medieval Town of London 08:02
45. Cinematic Town Of London 08:24
46. Low angle of one Tower Bridge's towers 08:32
47. Timelapse of Tower Bridge London 08:36
48. Slide and Pan Footage of Colourful Buildings on Thames River South Bank 08:43
49. Evening Aerial View of London Bridge Train Station 08:53
50. Downtown skyscrapers illuminated at night, London, UK 09:04
51. London Helicopter view 09:12
52. Boat on Thames River passing under Tower Bridge in London at Sunset or Sunrise, Aerial Slide Left Es 09:20
53. Time Lapse of the historic Tower Bridge in London England 09:30

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