Los Angeles 8K Video ULTRA HD - City of Angels (60 FPS)

#LosAngeles 8K Video ULTRA HD - City of Angels (60 FPS)

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► Total Numbers Of Clips In this video are - 65

1. Towards Downtown Los Angeles Day To Night 00:00
2. Time Lapse of boats moving around a lake in Los Angeles 00:10
3. Los Angeles Freeway Time Lapse 00:17
4. Griffith Observatory with Hollywood Hills 00:22
5. Park, Los Angeles 00:31
6. Pershing Square, Los Angeles 00:40
7. Beautiful Morning, Los Angeles CA 00:50
8. Deloitte building seen from the park, Los Angeles 01:00
9. Los Angeles as seen from a helicopter at dusk 01:08
10. Flying Towards Hollywood Sign Letters at Sunset, Los Angeles, California 01:14
11. Hollywood Sign at Sunset 01:25
12. The Urban Light installation in Los Angeles 01:36
13. The financial district of Los Angeles 01:45
14. Towards Downtown Los Angeles 01:56
15. Los Angeles Twilight California, USA 02:04
16. Helicopter Aerial of Los Angeles 02:11
17. Downtown Los Angeles California in Beautiful 02:25
18. Griffith Observatory with Hollywood Hills 02:36
19. Aerial video Hollywood CA USA 02:46
20. Sunny Beverly Hills Los Angeles, California 02:54
21. California Skyline with Sports Football Baseball 03:03
22. California Intersection Traffic with Palm Trees 03:12
23. Bikers and Palm Trees in Morning, Cloudy Los Angeles 03:22
24. Park and the Central Library 03:27
25. Aerial view of the highway in LA 03:37
26. Around Mothers Beach at Long Beach in Los Angeles USA 03:47
27. Dramatic Night Clouds Over Los Angeles 03:57
28. Los Angeles freeway, helicopter aerial, night 04:05
29. Hollywood Sign at Night in Los Angeles 04:17
30. Skyscrapers and traffic 04:22
31. The Los Angeles skyline at night 04:30
32. Traffic In Downtown Los Angeles 04:37
33. Angled drone aerial shot over fireworks above city, night 04:45
34. Los Angeles at Night California, USA 04:51
35. Flying Towards Downtown Los Angeles 04:59
36 Los Angeles, California Skyline at beautiful blue sky 05:10
37. Huntington Pier with Lifeguard Tower, Los Angeles, USA 05:19
38. Flying over Hollywood Hills 05:34
39. Central Los Angeles Area 05:40
40. Aerial view in Los Angeles 05:52
41. Aerial view of Los Angeles 06:04
42. Skyscrapers and towers in Los Angeles 06:15
43. 4 level freeway interchange in Los Angeles 06:29
44. Drone Moving Backwards Over Huge Freeway Intersection 06:40
45. Wilshire Boulevard Close To Street 06:49
46. Wide View of Downtown Los Angeles 07:07
47. Beautiful View of RMS Queen Mary Ocean Liner 07:12
48. Close Up of US Bank Skyscraper Top, Helipad 07:24
49. Skyscrapers in downtown Los Angeles 07:32
50. Time Lapse looking out over a fog covered Los Angeles 07:44
52. Hollywood Sign Aerial 07:51
53. Flying over Beverly Hills residential area with Los Angeles skyine in view 08:04
54. Wide View of Downtown Los Angeles, California 08:15
55. Los Angeles River with Water on Cloudy Overcast Sky Next To Train Tracks 08:23
56. Deloitte building, Los Angeles 08:32
57. Los Angeles skyline and its surrounding neighborhoods 08:45
58. Aerial view Pershing Square in Los Angeles 08:52
59. Los Angeles Aerials 09:00
60. Flying Towards Downtown Los Angeles 09:07
61. Skyline Los Angeles, California at Night with City Lights 09:15
62. Los Angeles California United States at Night with City Lights and Skyscraper Towers Aerial Wide 09:24
63. Los Angeles City at Night California 09:34
64. Airplane Landing in LAX Airport at Sunset 09:45
65. Timne Lapse Traffic Freeway Los Angeles 09:52

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