Lumbarda 2017 | 4K | Timelapse | Korčula island | Croatia

Lumbarda 2017 | 4K | Timelapse | Korčula island | Croatia

Visit the island of Korcula, one of the favorite tourist destinations in Dalmatia.
Only 6 km from the eponymous town of Korcula is the beautiful town of Lumbarda.
It consists of several hamlets along the coast, small coves, and hills surrounded by vineyards and
delights with its beauty, and especially with its sandy beaches.

Lumbarda is known for the most beautiful sandy beaches in southern Dalmatia.
Pržina beach is the largest natural sandy beach in Lumbarda and on the entire island of Kurčula.
It is located on the south side of Lumbarda in a large bay overlooking the open sea and the island of Lastovo.

It will win you over with its beauty…. Enjoy this sandy paradise
If you are a fan of sports and recreation in Lumbarda you can enjoy sailing, swimming, diving, small
football, handball, beach volleyball, and many other activities.

In Lumbarda, you can see the beautiful palaces (summer houses) from the 16th century, which were at that time built rich Korcula families as holiday homes. In Lumbarda, you will also find many churches and chapels, some of which date back to 1774. For centuries, the inhabitants of Lumbarda have been engaged in fishing and agriculture, especially viticulture. Two recognizable varieties are grown here wines - Plavac and Greek. Therefore, when you are in Lumbarda, treat yourself to these top wines.

In addition to wine, it is known for its rich gastronomic offer that you should definitely try.
Do not miss to visit Lumbarda, a beautiful small Mediterranean town that will delight you at first


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