Madonna di campiglio review 2018 & 2019 4k

Located at an altitude of 1522 meters above sea level, on the border of the Dolomites and the Alps, Madonna di Campiglio is considered, along with Corvara, as the most prestige ski resort in Italy.
In this video, we will show you the most important things to know about Madonna di Campiglio,
And if you will stay until the end of the video you will get some great tips.
The closest airports to Madonna di Campiglio are Verona and Brescia, both with a transfer time of 2 hours and 15 minutes.
The Ski Area is called, surprisingly, ski area and consist of 150 km of connected ski runs, including the resorts of Marileva and Folgarida and since 2016, after the build of Pinzolo- Campiglio express, the Pinzolo ski resort.

The uniqueness of Madonna di Campiglio is by the fact that it sits on the border of the Dolomites and the Alps, at the feet of the Dolomite’s Brenta group, a Unesco heritage site.
Madonna di Campiglio sits in the middle of the Adamello- Brenta nature park which is known for its diversity of fauna and Flora and famous as the only place in western Europe where bears exist in nature, so be careful with your off-piste adventures.
The ski area spread from the altitude of 2500 meters above sea level to 850 meters above sea level.
It has 45 blue runs, 37 red runs and 18 black runs, there are 60 ski lifts and these are the most important cable cars for you to know are:
Cinque lagi cable car that will lift you to Cinque Lagi area,
where the steepest run of the whole area as well as the FIS world cup run located.
By the way this run is illuminated at night
I advise you from this area to take the Pinzolo- Campiglio express lift system that will take you,
with a great view on the Brenta cliffs to Pinzolo,
In Pinzolo you’ll find the best views on the Brenta and Presena and Adamello glaciers.
By the way, this lift system connected the southern part of Madonna di Campiglio to the ski area as well.
Spinale which will take you to Spinale pick, the origin of some great blacks run and to the beginning of one of the best toboggan courses in Italy.
Pardalago, which will take you to Pardalgo area which has lots of beginner’s slopes.
Pardalago area connects you to the ski resorts of Marileva and Folgarida and also connect between cinque lagi area and Campo Carlo Magno.
In Carlo Campo Magno, you can find many cross-country trails,
and the groste lift system that will lead you to the highest point in the ski area.
Groste area has the highest altitude and the best snow conditions in late season and one of the top 5 snow parks in Europe: Ursus Snowpark.
The park has a fast 8seater chairlift along its side. Very important for park rats.
By the way, Ursus in Latin means bear

So, before wrap up, here are our ratings for Madonna Di Campiglio:
For snowboarder’s, it’s 8
Just because of the great ursus snow park that has a fast 8 seater chairlift along its side
For advanced skiers: 7
The fact that the ski area is not huge and the snow is quite slashi in most of March damages a better score because the scenery is amazing.
For beginners and intermediates: 8
There are many easy slopes here and the size of the ski area is big enough for a week vacation.
For freestylers, it’s a 9, just because of the amazing snow park, and by the way, there are another 3 snow parks in the ski area
For free riders, it’s a 6.
There are very few off-piste areas, most of them are between trees and it recommends to do only with a local guide and for good riders. Some of the real backcountry skiing demands a bit of walking and quite tricky.
Nightlife and apre ski it’s a 6.
Except for some special weeks the town is a bit sleepy and usually, the party lovers around will end up at Piano 54
Resort charm 8.5
The ski area is on an amazing natural area and you can feel it while you ski. You can see a bigger variety of trees than usual and the spectacle look of the Brenta is priceless. The town itself is a bit old fashion but still Charm full with a nice pedestrian area and a lake that becomes an ice skating rink in deep winter.
our total score for Madonna di Campiglio if I add in the value for money factor is 7.5.
our bonus tip for Madonna di Campiglio is that:
If you are an advanced skier and came with a car and you also like to drive and do some ski safari, I recommend you to buy the superskirama ski pass which cost only 11 euros more than the ski area skipass for 6 days, and includes 380kms of runs within 1 hour drive from Madonna di Campiglio.
There are some nice ski areas there, mainly adamello ski area.
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