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Follow us on our journey around Mauritius!
During our visit of Mauritius, we stayed in three wonderful resorts of the Beachcomber Group ( and explored the island from north to south and east to west. Additionally, we visited the island of Rodrigues, which is the second major island of the country of Mauritius.

Key Stats:
Duration of trip: 14 days
Distance driven: 618 km on Mauritius, 109 km on Rodrigues
Time of year: November-December
Total cost: Roughly 11.000 Euro (International Flights 2070 Euro, Domestic Flight to Rodrigues 413 Euro, Car Rental 650 Euro, Fuel 80 Euro, Taxi 80 Euro, Helicopters Flight 1500 Euro, Tours 120 Euro, Accommodation (half board) 5500 Euro, Food & Drink 300 Euro, Miscellaneous 300 euro)
Tortoises snuggled with: 12

Resorts we stayed at:
Trou aux Biches -
Shandrani -
Dinarobin -
Tekoma (on Rodrigues) -

Thank you:
A big THANK YOU goes to Beachcomber Resort & Hotels who partnered up with us to produce this Mauritius Travel Documentary. Special thanks to Lena Kleininger of LMG Management for organizing the collaboration. Another big thank you goes to the Mauritian Tourism Promotion Agency (MTPA), especially Joan Lamy, as well as Cornelia Fischer of Aviareps, for organizing several of our amazing tours. Furthermore, we want to thank Christopher Sainte-Marie of the Rodrigues Tourism Office for his assistance in discovering Rodrigues. We are also very grateful for the amazing insights gathered from Stacy, Supporting Officer & Ranger, and Stephen Kirsakye, Ecotour Officer, of the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. Last but not least, thank you to everyone who made our stay special, including Sylvain, Kandy, Ved, Stephan, Ravissen, Gideon (Trou aux Biches), Audrey, Victoria, Baboo, Hemant, Ravi, Agen (Dinarobin), and Aurelie, Denny, Ivan, Ricardo (Shandrani). And, of course, a big hug to Louis who showed us all the best spots to discover birds and flying foxes at Trou aux Biches!

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Full Disclosure:
This trip was supported by Beachcomber Hotels & Resorts as well as the Mauritian Tourism Promotion Agency. As part of our collaboration, we were lucky enough to experience a complimentary stay at all three Beachcomber Resorts, whereas MTPA paid for several of our excursions, i.e. the helicopter flight. All other expenses, i.e. domestic flights, car rental, etc., were paid by ourselves. As usual, all opinions are our own.

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00:00 Intro
00:55 Geography
01:15 Picking up Rental Car
01:39 Mahébourg
01:53 First Dutch Landing Site
02:22 Macaques
02:59 First Beach
03:20 Surrounded by Reefs
03:41 Bras d'Eau National Park
04:29 Cap Malheureux
04:59 Beachcomber Trou aux Biches
07:11 Fringing Reefs
08:00 Snorkeling
09:44 Village Weaver
11:40 Mauritian Flying Fox
12:34 Giant Banyan Fig
13:15 Sunset Cocktails & Dinner
14:06 Spa
14:42 Mauritian Cuisine
15:38 Diving Initiation
18:08 Scuba Diving
20:34 Mauritian Rum
21:20 Climbing Le Pouce
23:01 Driving in Mauritius
23:33 Trash Problem
24:08 Beachcomber Shandrani
25:20 Tropical Rain
25:44 Île aux Aigrettes
26:45 Mauritian Fody
27:10 Mauritius Olive White-eye
27:41 Pink Pigeon
28:54 Dodo
29:47 Giant Tortoises
31:20 Sugar Cane
32:03 Volcanic Rock
32:41 Natural Bridge
33:22 Southern Coastline
33:55 Chamarel Waterfall
34:13 Seven Colored Earths
35:20 Black River Gorges National Park
35:41 Blue Bay Marine Park
37:12 Grand Bassin
37:50 Beachcomber Dinarobin
40:00 Climbing Le Morne
42:33 Helicopter Flight
44:00 Underwater Waterfall
45:37 Flying over Black River Gorges
47:02 The coincidences of traveling
47:25 Enjoying the food
47:55 Leaving Mauritius
48:23 Flying to Rodrigues
48:44 Tekoma Boutik Hotel
49:10 Baie de l'est
49:46 Exploring Rodrigues on a Scooter
50:47 Grande Montagne Nature Reserve
53:03 Giant Aldabra Tortoises
55:03 Exploring more of Rodrigues on a Scooter
55:40 Caverne Patate
56:50 Snorkeling in Rodrigues
59:38 Outro