Midburn 2018 brain storm

Very few of the things in life can be called "life changer".
Midburn is one of them.
seldom you meet things that are indescribable.
Midburn is one of them.
I will try to describe it:
Midburn is a community in Israel that is part of the global community of burners.
the origin of this community, movement, is rooted in the flowers children of San Francisco that created the Burning Man festival in 1986.
Since then, the festival and the community grew every year and more than 70 worldwide events created.
the first Midburn was created in Israel in 2014 and since then it has grown to more than 12000 participates( in 2018) and became, together with Africa burn, the 2nd most significant burn event in the world.
the Midburn, like black rock city in Nevada (Burning Man Festival)
is a town rise up in the desert out of nothing by a communal effort of the participants of the festival and people of the community. the contribution of the people is usually taking place by building theme camps, art cars or building art installation. the most significant of the latter is burned in the closing nights of the festival. others are contributed to the public domain.
the community has 10 principles like gifting, radical self-reliance, leaving no trace, communal effort, radical expression, civic responsibility, and others.
this principles, together with the time and space, create a magic that only participants in the festival can sense.
the Midburn festival is the pick event in the Midburn community and takes place around the end of May for 6 days. the community might change the dates of the Midburn to early October in the future.
the Midburn take place in the Negev desert, near kibbutz Sde Boker.
the Midburn is a pun with the word "Midbar"(desert in Hebrew) and the word "burn".
the burn community really grew up in Israel, and in Tel Aviv, it is almost mainstream.
every weekend there are burners events in Israel, the biggest are contra burn, burnerot, camel burn, and sandbox.
this video is my gift to the participants of the festival which are a walking art installation themselves, to the whole burn community and to my lovely camp, Burning Date.
I want to thank Shahar Weiss for the videography, editing, and special effects
to Miron Oslander for the after effects
and for Tal Bluver for Shtuby's shots