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In this 8K resolution video we will observe the importance of birds for the planet with real sounds of animals in nature.
The relevance of avifauna to the environment is explained in more detail below.
They help biological control, biological control is the control of pests, diseases and weeds through other living organisms. In this case, it is some species of birds that contribute to biological control, simply by the existence of the food chain.
On the one hand, there is the case of scavenger birds such as the vulture, which are carnivorous and feed on animals that have died and are in the process of decomposition. By eating the carrion, they prevent fungi, bacteria or viruses from attacking the organisms that already live in a certain place.
Birds also act as dispersal agents, in addition to pollination, by the simple fact of having a frugivorous diet. That is, birds have adapted organisms so that they can eat and process seeds, which in many cases are the main part of their diet.
Then, they expel those seeds in their stools, and this allows many species of plants and trees to grow, both indigenous and new species. These new seeds will be able to grow on certain occasions, adapt to the environment and enrich the ecosystem. In fact, there are even forests that are still maintained today thanks to this dispersal of seeds.
It is also important to remember that birds balance the ecosystem of a certain area, as some species are common, while others are occasional.
In fact, now that the importance of birds for the environment has already been highlighted, it is essential to remember the serious risk that exists of electrocution of birds and of collision with electrical systems, so it is necessary to focus in this direction .

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