My first Muay Thai fight ever! Ticking off a bucket list fitness challenge

For those of you who want to check out Di's first ever Mauy Thai fight here it is. This was just shot on a couple of phones and a GoPro, not the cameras we normally shoot on but we wanted to capture the moment to share it with you all. So apologies for the poor audio.

Here's the back story.

For years Di has been saying to me that she has wanted to take up and learn Muay Thai kick boxing however with the work we do and being away so much it was hard for her to commit to this. Almost 12 months ago when the international borders closed down and we couldn’t travel with work due to the COVID 19 pandemic Di decided to embark on her mission to learn Muay Thai kick boxing.

6 months in she was in love with the sport, even though training was hard and I was her crash test dummy she committed to her goal. Once things settled and she was back at the gym she decided she wanted to throw her hat in the ring and have a crack at a fight.

3 months of training pretty hard to sadly break her toe 2 weeks out before her fight. Not letting that defeat her, she was back in training Jan 2 for another 3 Months to go again.

She is a true inspiration to me, her mental and physical stamina has even motivated me to get back into training on a daily basis .

Here she is in her first ever fight achieving her goal and it is proof to all of us, that if we put our minds to it we can all chase down the goals that we’ve always wanted to do, what ever they are.

I would like to give a big thanks to

Chloe Kendron for being a great opponent.

To Leone Macks my trainer - I couldn't have done it without you. You are my inspiration.

A special thanks to
Ritchie & Mel
Urban Muay Thai & all the Urban Warrior crew who helped me train.
and lastly,
To my family and friends who supported me along my journey.