NAMIBIA | Epic landscapes + iconic animals + powerful music

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Here's a short 4K video featuring the incredible highlights of Namibia accompanied with a heavenly soundtrack. Make sure to watch the entire clip as the music gets extremely powerful after the one minute mark.

Namibia in Southern Africa is a top destination for travelers who enjoy unrivaled natural scenery, unearthly looking landscapes, spectacular sand dunes and first-class wildlife viewing. Over the coming two months, I will publish several videos featuring Namibia's stunning ultra-luxe lodges.

Initially, I created this short video for Instagram as a short teaser for my upcoming Namibia trip reports. But then I discovered this incredibly beautiful piece of music by Trevor Kowalski. The soundtrack matched my footage of Namibia’s spectacular landscapes so well, that I felt the video deserved an upload on YouTube as a trailer for my upcoming Namibia series.

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