For our first ever vlog we wanted to start off with a bang, an EPIC 13 DAY 4WD ROADTRIP AROUND NEW ZEALAND!

From Christchurch to Mt Cook, Queenstown, Milford Sound, Lake Tepako and more. Together with @elliotgrafton we took on the South Island of New Zealand in a landcruiser, a couple roof top tents and our cameras.

The adventure that transpired you won’t believe, seriously hands down one of the best trips we have ever been on!!

This is New Zealand in all its Glory.


Behind every pretty photo on Instagram there’s a story. Together as a couple we have been travelling the world creating content and posting on Instagram for 2.5 years. The journey has been crazy. We’ve had opportunities and experiences that we couldn’t even imagine existed at the time we posted our first photo.

We given up a lot and we’ve gained a lot, we’ve worked hard taken risks and realised our dreams. There’s so much more to this life than meets the eye on Instagram, we’ve been meaning to share a lot more for a long time and that time has finally come!

What is it like being an ‘influencer’, what does it even involve?, how the heck does an influencer even make money?, whats it like living and working together 24/7 as a couple? How does one work towards this digital nomad lifestyle? What is all the hype about?

Follow us on our weekly vlogs as we attempt to answer these questions and more in the most raw and personal content we’ve ever created.
A massive thankyou to Joe and the team at @grit_rentals for the landcruiser that made our trip

And an even bigger thankyou to the super talented @elliotgrafton who is now a fully fledged member of the mariefeandjakesnow team. Its time to change the world through love, compassion, positivity, selflessness and knowledge. One video at a time!!

- Generdyn - Rapture
- To the Sky - Oliver Michael
- Pura Alegria - Oliver Michael
- Runaway - Veshza


Elliot Grafton
Marie fe and Jake Snow