Norway 8K Video ULTRA HD - Most peaceful Country in the World (60 FPS)

#Norway 8K Video ULTRA HD - Most peaceful Country in the World (60 FPS) / 8K TV Video

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This videos you can use for learn Nature, about place, River, etc with UltraHD resolution.

► Total Numbers Of Clips In this video are - 55

1. Beautiful Nature Lovatnet Lake, Norway 0:00
2. Flyover above Reine on Lofoten Islands, Norway 0:07
3. Beautiful Norwegian landscape 0:14
4. Norwegian Mountain River 0:23
5. Trollstigen Andalsnes Norway 0:31
6. Voringfossen waterfall in Norway 0:41
7. Beautiful Nature Norway 0:51
8. Trolltunga - Famous Norwegian Attraction 1:02
9. Beautiful Norwegian Nature 1:12
10. Mountain lake in norway 1:27
11. Reine Village and Mountains in Winter Lofoten Islands, Norway 1:38
12. Lovatnet Lake Beautiful Nature Norway 2:03
13. Beautiful Nature Norway Lovatnet Lake 2:15
14. Beautiful Nature Norway 2:25
15. Aerial Of Beautiful Nature Norway 2:32
16. Beautiful Nature Norway 2:42
17. Latefossen Is One of the Most Visited Waterfalls in Norway 2:52
18. Beautiful Nature Norway 3:00
19. Geiranger Fjord Norway 3:10
20. Aerial View of Hamnoy Village in Norway 3:26
21. Byrkjelo Village Sogn Og Fjordane County Norway 3:44
22. Driving a Car On a Road In Norway 3:53
23. Aerial view of the Pulpit Rock, Norway 4:04
24. Tourists on Pulpit Rock in Norway 4:20
25. Beautiful green nature with mountain in Norway 4:30
26. Aerial Footage Beautiful Nature Norway 4:40
27. Beautiful Nature Norway 4:50
28. Beautiful Nature Norway Natural Landscape 5:00
29. Winter Lofoten Shore Aerial View 5:10
30. City of Reine under the fresh snow in a blue and sunny sky during winter 5:21
31. Bay of Reine in the Lofoten islands (Norway) Sunny day and blue sky 5:31
32. Lovatnet Lake Beautiful Nature Norway 5:38
33. Lovatnet Lake Beautiful Nature Norway 5:49
34. Lovatnet Lake Beautiful Nature Norway 6:01
35. Lovatnet Lake Beautiful Nature Norway 7:00
36. Bergen, on the West Coast of Norway 7:10
37. Beautiful Nature Norway 7:20
38. Picturesque village of Hamnoya in Norway 7:30
40. Beautyful Norwegian landscape 7:37
41. Fjord Mountains with Rocks in Norway 7:58
42. Salmon farm in Varangerhalvoya, Norway 8:07
43. The Nature of Norway Is a Turbulent River From Melted Waters 8:16
44. Voss Hordaland Norway 8:26
45. Small Wooden Houses in Norway 8:36
46. Eidfjord Hardangerfjord Norway 8:44
47. Geirangerfjord Norway 8:53
48. Islands of Norway with Rocks and Cliffs 9:02
49. Beautiful Norwegian Mountain Nature 9:12
50. Norwegian fishing village at twilight in Hamnoy City, Lofoten islands, Norway 9:23
51. Lofoten Islands, Norway 9:30
52. Mountains and Fjords at Norway Landscape 9:42
53. Kinsarvik Hordaland Norway 9:52
54. Norwegian coastline 10:00
55. Girl watching waterfall in Norway 10:10

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