One Incredible Day in Boracay

Apart from my camera falling apart after the ATV ride, this was an one incredible day in Boracay!

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00:29 Breakfast - For breakfast we started off at Discovery Shores Hotel, and we ate the breakfast buffet. The breakfast was alright, but a little small, and a little crowded, but nevertheless a good way to start the day. I especially enjoyed the smoked bangus.

1:45 Walk on White Sand Beach - After breakfast we started off walking down White Sand Beach, one of the most famous main attractions of Boracay - a 3 km stretch of white sand and beautiful beach. What I like most is that you can just walk down the beach and enjoy the

2:16 Willy’s Rock - One of the most famous landmarks in Boracay is Willy’s Rock, a chunk of coral that sits near the coastline. When it’s high tide the rock is submerged in water, but when it’s low tide the rock sits in the sand. At this point I was hot and ready to take a swim as well.

2:54 Taho Beach Food - As we were swimming, Anton flagged down a vendor selling taho, soft silken tofu. It made a good beach street food.

4:33 Calamansi muffin at Real Coffee Shop - As we were walking along Station 2 beach in Boracay, we stopped off at a place called Real Coffee, for a quick cup of coffee and a calamansi muffin. The muffin tasted a lot like lemon cake, and the coffee, was too weak for me, but alright. Real coffee is known as one of the original spots in Boracay, especially famous for their calamansi muffins.

7:13 Lunch at Sands Restaurant, Discovery Shores Boracay - For lunch we returned to Discovery Shores and had an amazing lunch at their Sands restaurant. They prepared all Filipino food, all of which was extremely good. I really enjoyed the kilawin, Filipino style ceviche, the lamb shank caldereta, and the Bacolod kansi, a beef shank soup. Everything was delicious, one of the better and best quality Filipino food meals I’ve ever had.

9:22 ATV Ride to the lookout viewpoint of Boracay / Paraw sailing ride - In the afternoon, continuing on this one day in Boracay, we took an ATV tour to one of the highest points on Boracay to see the view. It was a bit expensive. Unfortunately, this is where my camera broke.

12:33 Jonah’s Milkshakes - For afternoon snack, we stopped by Jonah’s Milkshakes and had an avocado mango milkshake, which was delicious, along with a chori burger.

14: 20 Boodle Fight for Dinner - For dinner, we returned back to the hotel where I was introduced to a Filipino feast called a boodle fight. All the food was placed in the middle of the table, and we all shared our dinner together as a family - it was amazing, both the food and the company.

Disclosure: We were invited to stay at Discovery Shores Boracay, so we didn’t pay for our stay. But everything in this video, and all thoughts are my own. Huge thank you to Discovery Shores Boracay - we had an amazing stay.


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