Peaceful Mindanao Nature Adventure in Zamboanga Del Sur, Lake Maragang (Part 1)

Zamboanga Del Sur is a province in Southern Mindanao. I drove my scooter to Pagadian City and then found myself on an adventure with the Mindanao Mountaineering Federation. This is "Part 1" of my journey to the small village of Tigbao, and trekking up to the beautiful Lake Maragang in Zamboanga Del Sur.

In this video you will see my experience of "Toploading" on a Jeepney, finding wild Santol fruit and experiencing the beautiful pristine nature of Mindanao. A lot of people forget that Mindanao is home to lots of natural beauty just waiting to be explored.

As I say in the video:

"No if you are a foreigner you shouldn't just wander off in the middle of nowhere."

But if you do a little research, talk with locals (or join mountaineering groups)... there is a lot of safe beautiful places you can explore :)

One day at a time, One trek with some awesome mountaineers at a time... #BecomingFilipino

Super Apir!