Portugal 12K HDR 60fps Dolby Vision | Cinematic Video

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》This HDR Demo video is make for Entertainment and Educational purposes.

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》Scene Details

00:00 iNTRO
00:05 Aerial Flying, Tilt Down
00:11 Waterfall on Flores Island, Azores, Portugal
00:16 Lagoa Pau Pigue, a lake on Sao Miguel Island
00:21 Aerial drone view of moorish castle Sintra Portugal
00:26 Aerial hyperlapse of the amazing national palace
00:35 Monte palace hotel with Lagoa das Sete Cidades
00:44 Sintra, Lisbon, Portugal
00:52 Ponte de lima portugal
01:00 Funchal, Madeira
01:06 The old town in Lisbon city centre
01:12 Lisbon, Portugal
01:17 Tourist town of Albufeira, Portugal
01:24 Algrave, Portugal
01:33 Pico do Arieiro Observatory
01:40 Pico do arieiro panorama hiking route
01:48 Pulling away from Parque Eduardo VII
01:56 Sanctuario de santa luzia Portugal
02:05 Madeira island
02:15 Madeira island
02:21 Megalithic rocks on hill of monsanto village
02:27 Monsanto village
02:34 Oporto town center
02:41 National palace of Pena, Portugal
02:53 Aerial view of the forest fanal in Madeira
03:07 Beauty of Madeira island
03:15 Algarve, Portugal
03:22 Algarve, Portugal
03:30 The Seaside Tourist Town of Carvoeiro
03:40 The Seaside Tourist Town of Carvoeiro
03:50 Caldeirao, Corvo island, Azores islands, Portugal
04:00 Canal central de Aveiro and surrounding area
04:26 Capital of Funchal on Madeira island, Portugal
04:36 Cascata Do Grena a Waterfall
04:44 Chá Gorreana tea plantation and factory on Azores coast
05:04 Fly over canario lagoon
05:14 Flying over the bungalow houses and huts in santan
05:24 Exit From a Dark Sad Cave to a Light Warm Sea Beach
05:36 Hilltop, Portugal
05:48 Guimaraes aerial cityscape
05:56 Leiria historical center
06:05 Pico do Arieiro on Madeira Islan
06:12 The ocean, Sagres, Algarve region, Portugal
06:21 Sintra, Lisbon, Portugal
06:30 Touristic Praca Francisco Rodrigues Lobo square in Leiria
06:39 Vista aérea de Ayamonte desde Parroquia del Salvador, España
06:49 Flying towards sao pedro church on toural square
06:57 Chá Gorreana tea plantation and factory on Azores coast
07:16 Monte Palace Hotel, an abandoned building in Sao Miguel Island, Azores
07:30 City in Portugal Calm and Beautiful
07:36 Oporto town Center
07:43 Hilltop near Capelas, Azores Islands, Portugal
07:53 Ribeira Grande, Azores, Portugal
08:00 Volcanic lake Lagoa de Santiago, Candelaaria, Azores, Portugal
08:08 Park and Palace of Monserrate in Sintra, Portugal
08:16 Coimbra university city town old historical center
08:26 Luís de Camoes as old as all around the square
08:35 Aerial tilt reveal of Lisbon
08:45 Abandoned Plaza De Toros Bull Ring, Colonia Del Sacramento, Uruguay
08:55 Coimbra Portugal historic old touristic Portuguese red coloured town rooftops
09:06 Capital of Portugal, Lisbon and the City Centre Below
09:15 Capital of Portugal, Lisbon and the City Centre Below
09:23 Majestic Coastline on São Miguel Island in the Azores
09:32 The eatsern part of Madeira, Ponta de São Lourenço
09:38 Ponta do Sol parish in Madeira island
09:45 Pedro IV Square or Praça D. Pedro IV, Lisboa, Portugal
09:49 Oriente district lisbon Portugal
09:55 Hilltop, Portugal
10:00 Ayamonte from the Parroquia del Salvador
10:05 Sao Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal
10:14 Beautiful Green Nature in the Azores
10:20 Caldeirao, Corvo island, Azores islands, Portugal

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