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Here’s our essential Rhodes Travel Guide , giving you EVERYTHING you need to know to take the hassle our your holiday in Rhodes.

The gorgeous island of Rhodes has a long and enchanting history, and is a mecca for sun seekers. From beautiful scenery to stunning medieval towns, there's something everyone will love.

In this travel guide, we'll cover:
► Our favourite things to do
► What to eat in Rhodes
► How to speak Greek
► The best ways to get about the city
► How to make the most of your money on holiday

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Learn more about the island of Rhodes - https://bit.ly/2Azzn0u

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Rhodes Tourism Board - http://www.rodosisland.gr/
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Welcome to Rhodes!

Known as ‘Ro-dos’ by the locals, it’s the 4th largest Greek island in the Aegean Sea and the largest of the Dodecanese islands.

Rhodes has a long and enchanting history, and today prides itself on having one of the best preserved medieval settlements in the world, as well as a healthy amount of beach resorts that make it a mecca for sun seekers.

The north of the island is home to its jewel, the old town, while the south is best known for its natural beauty.

On a drive across Rhodes you’ll see everything from valleys to beaches, picturesque villages and, probably, loads of goats!

And with 300 days of sunshine a year, it’s no surprise that over 2 million people visit every year.

So with that kind of popularity we had to come here and see what all the fuss was about.

We’ve been exploring the island to help you make the most out of your trip. Coming up we’ve got tips on food, money, getting around and language.

But let’s start with our favourite things to do here on the island.

Spending a day in Rhodes old town will feel like you’ve jumped into a time machine and gone back to medieval times.

It’s the oldest inhabited medieval town in Europe and you can easily spend a couple of hours here wandering around and getting lost amongst the windy cobbled streets. (It says we're here)

Navigation can be difficult, so I’d recommend downloading Google Maps before you go (Love Google Maps) to make sure you find the famous Street of the Knights, which runs from the Hospital of the Knights up to the Palace of the Grand Masters, a famous castle that stands tall and proud at the highest point of town.

Having a local expert talk you through everything you’re looking at is so worth it. I booked a walking tour with Rhodes Private Tours and was shown around the old town and the port.

Our tour guide Dimitri was so passionate about the island, it was fascinating to hear all his insider's knowledge…

The level is a bit higher than the level of the sea, so the intention was not to put water in, the intention was to create distance from one wall to the other. So the Turks, all was built to defend the city from the attacks of the Turkish, it was the new military power of the 15th century. Then they had to go down across this mote and cover, go up then behind is another moat, then again up, it was impossible to be invaded, the place.

So no visit to Rodos would be complete without a trip to the beach. There’s a bunch of beaches here and we’ve come to check out Elle beach, which is quite popular with tourists. There’s a load of hotels, bars, restaurants here. It’s a pebbly beach, but what’s quite cool about it is that there’s a diving platform right in the middle of the sea that you’ve got to swim out to.

In 2017 Greece ranked second in the world for the quality of its beaches on the Blue Flag scheme and there are plenty to choose from.

But, named after the famous actor, my favourite beach on the island has to be Anthony Quinn Bay. With its crystal clear, emerald waters and lush green vegetation, it’s totally my kind of paradise.

The valley is named after the thousands of butterflies which set up camp here in the summer, enticed by the vanilla scented Oriental Sweetgum trees.

It’s one of the island’s beauty spots, with it’s green canopy, streams, ponds and waterfalls, making for a serene alternative to a day at the beach.