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Riviera Kaštela
An unbroken line of seven towns, clustered around old towers, or castles (the local word for which is kaštel) welcomes visitors with the historical tales of the Kaštela Riviera. In the summer nights, the stages of Kaštela host traditional Dalmatian music and tell the tale of their own local Romeo and Juliet. Kaštela Riviera shows off its past in the shape of an impressive sequence of sixteen fortifications equipped with rotating bridges. Along with these old strongholds, the seven towns which were once separate - Sućurac, Gomilica, Kambelovac, Lukšić, Stari, Novi and Štafilić are nowadays jointly called the City of Kaštela.

Activities in Kaštela
Kaštela Riviera is situated along the coast of Kaštela Bay and every place has beautiful beaches where you can enjoy the sea.
When you get hungry there are numerous restaurants where you can try delicious local cuisine and exquisite wine.
When it comes to nightlife, Kaštela fosters a long tradition of hosting a summer festival of culture and entertainment from the beginning of July to the end of August, during which period over 100 different events are held; from classical concerts to local "Klape" groups, theatre plays and fisherman's nights. Kaštela has something for everyone!

Kaštela is no stranger to adrenaline activities as well! Here, guests can try sailing, paddling, tennis, scuba diving, mountain climbing, hiking, and cycling.

Natural heritage
The beauty of Kaštela inspired many poets, including the famous poet Andrija Kačić Miočić. In Kaštel Štaflić you will find an olive tree by the name of Mastrinka. It is a huge tree that is over 1500 years old and is assumed that it's brought from either south Italy or Greece. It was declared a monument to nature in 1990.

Another important natural monument is an oak tree near the Romanesque Church of Saint Cosmas and Damian in Kaštel Gomilica which attracts visitors with its size and beauty.

There is also a park over century-old in Kaštel Stari and many other mysteries awaiting curious visitors who will uncover all the secrets of Kaštela.

If beautiful scenes from our video made you fall in love with Kaštela, we're not sorry!
Make your way over there this summer!


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