Rothschild Boulevard Tel Aviv שדרות רוטשילד

you can learn a lot by watching this amazing guided bike tour in Rothschild Avenue in Tel Aviv.
Rothschild Avenue, is the financial center of Tel Aviv and Israel, as well as an Historic Blvd where the declaration if independence of Israel took place in 1948.
today, in Rothschild Boulevard you can find many clubs, hotels, bars and restaurants, and it is a must see if you visit Tel Aviv and Israel.
the length of Rothschild Blvd is exactly 1 mile, or just a little bit more than 1600 meters.
they begin at the end of the historic Neve Tzedek and end at the HaBima square, where the Israeli national theater is- HaBima.
Rothschild Blvd is the backbone of the "white city" - a UNESCO-designated world heritage site where you can find the largest number of Bauhaus architecture style anywhere in the world.
you can also find in Rothschild avenue and its surrounding many fine examples of Tel Aviv eclectic architecture style which is unique to Tel Aviv and is a mix of 19th century European styles and eastern and Arab influence.
Rothschild Boulevard was created at the creation of Tel Aviv in 1909, and named in honor of Baron Edmond James de Rothschild,
the most important philanthropist of the Zionist movement and bought a lot of lands in Ottoman empire district of Palestine for the purpose of settlement of Jews.
today Rothschild avenue has the highest real estate value in the middle east and among the highest in the world