Russia 12K HDR 60fps Dolby Vision Demo

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》This 12K HDR Demo video is make for Entertainment and Educational purposes.

》I have Done High Color Correction, Color Changing, Bit rate, Raw videos editing, Merge files, 12K Export file and more.

》》》Scene Details:

00:00 iNTRO
00:05 Flying above the Kremlin
00:10 Skyscrapers of Moscow
00:15 Kazan kremlin, Russia
00:20 Flying over a city promenade
00:25 Pechoro Ilychsky reserve
00:30 Caucasus Mountains
00:35 Aerial Mountain side
00:43 Argun Gorge, Chechen Republic
00:48 Chechnya, Russia
00:55 Chechnya, Russia
00:59 Old Balyuzek Lighthouse
01:04 Mount Belukha
01:10 Sosnovoborsk Russia
01:15 Russia, Moscow, State Historical Museum
01:25 Caucasus Mountains
01:30 The Altai Mountains, Russia
01:35 People ride a Catamarans
01:39 Belogorsk, Russia
01:45 Ukraine Crimean Mountains
01:50 Tooth of Morcheka, Mountains
01:55 A small Alpine village
02:00 Donguzorun mountains
02:08 New Microdistrict
02:15 Aerial Mountain side
02:21 Snowfields in the altai
02:26 Embankment of the centra pond
02:31 Mall Yevropeyskiy
02:38 Mall Yevropeyskiy
02:48 Fantastic mountain scenery
02:56 Sea stack and dark cliffs
03:03 Katun river and patmos island
03:08 Cracks and blocks of ice on the glacier
03:13 The khibiny mountains in kola
03:18 Kremlin
03:23 The Heart of Chechnya
03:28 Elista republic
03:33 Aerial Mountain side
03:38 Beautiful Place in Russia
03:43 Nizhny Novgorod Fair
03:51 Bird seye view
04:05 Ulyanovsk City in Winter
04:14 Zaryadye Park in Moscow
04:19 Russian Bridge capital of the Russian Far East
04:30 Skyscrapers in city downtown
04:42 Russian housing complex
04:47 Snowstorm winter
04:52 Mount Mussa Achitara
04:57 Fantastic mountain scenery
05:03 Truck drives along the Highway
05:10 Alpine scenery
05:15 Virgin mary
05:25 Skyscrapers of Moscow
05:30 Chechen Republic, Russia
05:40 The Altai Mountains, Russia
05:47 Paul Fortress in Russia
05:52 Aerial of a town
06:00 Taganay National Park
06:08 Lake Uchkel, Altai, Russia
06:13 Kurai Steppe, Altai, Russia
06:18 Crimea, Russia
06:22 Moscow university
06:27 Old town
06:34 Downtown Moscow
06:39 Digoria, North Ossetia Alania
06:44 lake Kezenoy-am
06:49 lake Kezenoy-am
06:55 Cracks in the glaciers
07:05 Belogorsk, Russia
07:12 Cathedral in kaliningrad
07:17 The north donguzorun
07:32 Aerial view
07:38 Mari El, Russia
07:50 Olkhon, Russia
07:55 Kraskino, Russia
08:00 Oil tanker
08:05 Mathildenhoehe Russia
08:14 Panorama of kremlin
08:19 Paraskeva pyatnitsy chapel
08:24 Russia aerial
08:35 Russian Bridge
08:40 Avacha bay kamchatka
08:44 Teletskoye Lake, Altay
08:50 The Khrustalnensky
09:01 Aerial beautiful view
09:06 Chechnya, Russia
09:16 Dombai mountains and Belalakaya peak
09:23 Aerial weathered stone pillars
09:30 Mountain river argun
09:36 Aerial beautiful steep
09:42 Beautiful green valley
09:51 Mountainside
10:03 The beautiful valley
10:10 Abandoned Khrustalnensky GOK, Kavalerovo, Primorsky Krai
10:15 Geyser lake
10:22 Natural rock formations
10:37 Mountainside
10:49 Weathered stone pillars
10:55 Turquoise akkem lake
11:00 Katun River Altai
11:10 Winter forest in siberia
11:15 Green pine forest
11:20 Caucasus mountains
11:25 Hill and stony
11:30 Alpine scenery
11:38 Altai Mountains
11:45 Crimea, Russia
11:53 Taganay National Park, Southern Urals
11:58 Yoshkar ola in russia
12:02 Digoria, North Ossetia-Alania
12:06 Paul Fortress in Russia
12:16 End Scene

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》Video Footage Copyright Under Standard License.
》I tried to Present the Video in a new way by Changing the color of the Video.

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