Sedona Arizona | The Most Beautiful Place on Earth?

The city of Sedona, Arizona claims to be "The Most Beautiful Place on Earth", and we just had to check it out for ourselves.

Sedona is located about 2 hours North of the Phoenix, Arizona area and has a slightly cooler climate than most of its desert neighbors. It is a land of rustic red sandstone found nowhere else on Earth. Many people even claim that there are many Vortices (plural for vortex) surrounding the city area, and that draws a lot of spiritualists to the area.

Archaeologists believe that Sedona has been inhabited for up to 13,000 years by various tribes of people. Some even settled in the area permanently and build dwellings on the sides of the cliffs. You can visit some of those ancient ruins today.

In this video we set out to visit the following locations:
Downtown Sedona
Bell Rock
Red Rock State Park
Coconino National Forest
Honanki Ruins
Chapel on the Rock
Devil's Bridge
Amitabha Stupa Peace Park