SONEVA JANI CHAPTER TWO (Maldives) | World's best all-inclusive 5* resort (full tour)

Follow me on a full tour (in 4K) of Soneva Jani Chapter Two in the Maldives.

Guests at Soneva Jani Chapter Two enjoy "Soneva Unlimited", the most incredible all-inclusive hotel concept in the world. Soneva Unlimited includes unlimited dining at all restaurants, all drinks, visiting Michelin-starred chef dinners, experiences, excursion, activities, diving, and spa treatments.

Get free VIP perks at Soneva Jani:

Watch my video of Soneva Jani Chapter One here:

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Video chapters:
0:00 intro
3:07 Chapter One vs Chapter Two
6:05 Overwater villa
25:25 Pool & slide
29:49 Chapter Two jetty
36:05 Boutique
38:14 South Beach
39:42 Breakfast
45:12 Beach walk
51:37 Crab Shack
52:43 Island tour
54:09 Soneva Soul
59:57 Sunset
1:00:26 So Primitive
1:02:19 Departure

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