Spend Money on Experiences Not Things

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"We buy things because we think they’ll make us feel a certain way. “Buy this and buy that, so you can look like her and feel like him”. But buying things doesn’t actually help us truly feel anything (except instant gratification). Advertisements sell the feelings that objects might give us. But the truth is, those feelings pass, and then all you’re left with is stuff.

Our possessions don’t define us, or help us understand the important things in life. They feed our ego and create a false sense of self, an identity based off of material things sold in a store. Of course there are things we need to spend money on to survive, to provide, to stay fed, and warm, and safe, but beyond those basic needs it’s totally up to us how we spend our money... We have the choice.

We need to look at the way we spend our money, because there is a science telling us we will live a happier life by spending it on experiences.

Taking a course, going on an adventure, or picking up a new hobby, require us to be active, learn, and test ourselves. They form memories that stay with us forever to share, relive, and build upon. These memories help us define who we really are, what actually makes us happy, and they help carve out our core values and morals… something that a new pair of kicks just can’t do.

So follow the path that will ultimately give you greater happiness and fulfillment in life, and invest in your experiences. Cut the price tag and go explore the world outside… After all, when you die all you’ll have is your memories, so you better make some good ones."

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