Spending 48 Hours in New Orleans (everything to see & do)

We are exploring New Orleans and we are going to show you everything you can see and do in this incredibly unique city.

Thanks to New Orleans and Company for partnering with us on this series - check out more you can do in this incredible city here: http://bit.ly/2NJGz0u

First up we headed to the Garden District where this affluent suburb of beautiful houses also has a very interest stop - the Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 which is a cemetery above ground to keep the bodies from floating away.

After stopping at a few movie shooting locations - Benjamin Button and Django Unchained we headed into our favourite coffee spot - Mojo coffee.

Next up we went on a Gator safari to see some alligators up and close. Company we used: Cajun Encounters Tour Company http://bit.ly/2Gq7DvV

The next day we headed into the French Quarter, found some street performers and had ANOTHER biegnet - this time from Cafe Biegnet.

To learn a bit more about New Orleans history we did a double plantation tour - the Oak Alley Plantation and the Whitney Plantation.

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