St Anton Am Arlberg 2018 & 2019 review 4k

St Anton am Arlberg is located at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level in the west part of Austria, in the western end of Tirol on the boarder of Varlberg.

In this video we will show you every thing you need to now before planning a vacation in St Anton, and if you will stay until the end of this video you will get some great tips that will help you to get better decisions and save some time and money!

The closest airports to St Anton are:
the closest airports to St Anton are Innsbruck, Friedeichshafen,and Memmingen , with the transfer
times of 1 hour and 15 minutes, 1 hours and 30 minutes, and 1 hours and 50 minutes accordingly.
A nother to big airports close by, are Zurich and Munich, with transfer times of 2 hours and 10 minutes and 2 hours and 35 minutes respectively.
Form the 2 latter’s as well as Innsbruck you can also come with a train directly to St Anton

St Anton, aka the cradle of the alps, a.k.a weltdorf,
was considered one of the best ski resorts in the world, even before-
the built of the Flexhenbhan lift in 2016 that connect it to Zurs-
Thus, making the Arlberg ski area 305 km of connected ski runs
Making it the largest in Austria.

Above all this, the Arlberg ski Area has 200 km of ski routes which are kind of inspected and marked off-piste areas.

The Arlberg ski area has 88 lifts and 141 runs, 52 % are blue, 35% red, and 13% black runs.

St Anton gets around 7 meter of snow every season thus making it one of the best places in Europe for free riders.
the shootings took place in April 10 so the snow condition wasn’t at it best.
The Arlberg ski area connects several ski resorts and villages
The most outstanding are Lech, Zurs and St Anton.
For our opinion St Anton is the best place to stay
as it has the only pedestrian area and the best night life.
The best area to stay in St Anton is in the west side of the pedestrian ar ea
which have 3 ski lifts going out to 3 different picks about they named about.
The Gampen 4seater chair lift
The rendelbahn, and one of the most famous and innovative ski lifts:
The Galzigbahn which resembles a ferry wheel.
In the pedestrian area you will find all the best nightlife places begin your night crawl int the Scotties or Cuba bar for the beginning of the night or to the Picadily live Rock bar if you love live gigs and cover bands.
after that we recommend to go to the Post Keller and the Horney Bull for some clubbing.
St Anton also has 2 of the best Apre ski Bars in the world:
The Crazy Kanguru which attract mainly seasoners and young British, Ausies and Swedish.
And the famous Mooserwirt which attract every one
I was there off season but believe me these places are bustling all season.
before we wrap up, here are our numbers for St Anton:
For snowboarders: 9
Advance skiers:10
Intermediate skiers:8
Freestylers: 7
Free riders: 10
.Night life: 9
Apre ski: 9
Resort charm: 8.5
Our total score for St Anton is a 9.
we can declare that after the connection to the rest of the Arlberg ski area, St Anton is the best ski resort in Austria and can give a good fight to any other ski resort for the world title
Our bonus tip for St Anton
Be aware that the area, west of the pedestrian area and west of the Galzig lift, is a steep mountain so if you will book a hotel, let say, 400 meters from the lift in that direction, it is all an uphill battle especially if you go back tired after a night of clubbing. also going down with your equipment can be tricky and dangerous on the icy street.
Of course, there are ski buses and night buses but you don’t want to depend on these.
If you will stay in that area, we strongly recommend that you to leave your gear in lockers near the Galzig bahn.

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