Tel Aviv best clubs

Tel Aviv has become synonymous with great nightlife, innovative parties and generally good
vibes. If you are planning to come to Tel Aviv and are looking for the best clubs and parties in
Tel Aviv, this video is definitely for you. In this video we will show you the best clubs in Tel Aviv,
where to find them, and if you’ll stay until the end of this video, we will give you 6 great tips,
some of which will surprise you for sure if you are not a native Tel Avivian.
We’ll start our nightlife flight from the north of Tel Aviv and continue all the way to the south,
beginning our club tour at Shalvata, in the old Tel Aviv port and fairgrounds.
Shalvata is a big open space club with a great breeze from the sea. The venue itself is amazing
but we recommend going there only for special parties.
Pasaz is an underground place that host live gigs, hip hop and techno parties as well as gay

Sputnik is a hipster club with a great outdoor garden for mingling, and a small dance floor
inside, usually with techno DJs.
Kuli Alma is an artistic club with a terrace, several spaces, an indoor dance floor, a U-shaped bar,
open air courtyard and a gallery that hosts different artists every time.
KULI ALMA opens every night for free with a selection of DJs and live acts, attracting hipsters
and tourists.
Mondo 2000 is the latest addition to the wide repertoire of clubs in Tel Aviv. The club is a whole
building roof in the north of Florentine neighborhood and comprises of an indoor dance floor
and 2 terraces, each with their own bars for mingling. The music is mainly techno with uprising
talented DJs. The place is open from Thursday until Saturday each week.
Teder is a mix of club and online radio sta8on, which is located in a former indoor shopping
center from the 50’s. The place opens every evening except Sunday, and has particularly great
parties on Saturday afternoons.
Haoman 17. AKA Haoman is a mythological club and is a branch of an even more glamorous
original club from Jerusalem which closed a decade ago.
The place hosts gay parties and big-name DJs. This great venue features an amazing main stage
and second, smaller dance floor. The sound-quality is excellent, and we recommend that you
visit their special parties where the open courtyard is open.
The duplex is a 3 stories club, which sometimes hosts 2 different parties. The sound is not the
best like the other big clubs, but the fact that the place has an open rooftop and 3 different
spaces is an advantage. The place hosts many mid-burn camps fund raising parties.
If you ask your self what is mid-burn, we’ll explain it later.
The block didn’t permit us to film inside but the place has 3 different spaces, has the best sound
and usually host the biggest name DJs..
Before we wrap up, here are the top 5 need-to-know tips before visiting Tel Aviv.
We’ll begin with the best tip: The best crowd and vibe today in Tel Aviv you’ll find is in the midburn
The mid-burn is the Israeli Burningman event and community, and throughout the year there
are many burners parties and little “burns” as well as mid-burn camps fund-raising parties.
Compared to its population, Israel has the largest burn community. The majority of the burners
live in Tel Aviv, so the majority of camps funds raising parties are in Tel Aviv. There is no
selection in these parties.
The 2nd tip is to download the ‘Get Taxy’ app and use it to order your cabs, otherwise you can
fall pray to bad taxi drivers that undoubtedly rip you off. And by the way, all the clubs in this
video except the block and Shalvata are within a short walking distance of each other.
Our 3rd tip is to expect to be in crowded places and not to get annoyed by that… if you do find
yourself growing irritated, it’s likely a sign that you need another drink!
4th tip: The drinks in the clubs are a bit pricey so if you love to drink, we recommend you buy
drinks with your buddies at one of the kiosks or grocery stores before heading out for the night.
You can buy alcohol until 11pm. Be weary, though: the law in Israel gives the police the power
to confiscate open alcohol on the street after 9pm, although this isn’t usually enforced.
5th tip: The weekend in Israel is different, and the best night to party is Thursday. Sunday is the
quietest night of the week.
And a bonus tip… If you encounter a party on a Saturday afternoon, we recommend you head
inside and get involved.