Tel aviv: Jaffa

esiding by the seaside of the Mediterranean Sea for thousands of years, the city of Jaffa has seen its share of Conquers, regimes changes and by now its share of tourists and pilgrims. Built in a Military and Merchant key point, Jaffa has been a major key strategic location in the times of the many Empires that ruled it over the years.
in this video we will show you the highlights of Old Jaffa you need to put on your check list, and if you stick around until the end of the video, you’ll get some great tips that will help you make better decisions, and have a safe and more enjoyable trip.
Today, being part of Tel Aviv – Jaffa, it is a must-see place for every Tourist who visits the Holly land – be it a party lover, History aficionado or foody. Jaffa has a little bit of everything fo everyone.
If you are coming from Tel Aviv, do yourself a favor and walk your way down to Jaffa through the promenade. With 10 months of sun, it’s almost always time to start your day by the beach. If you are staying in a hotel in Mid - Tel Aviv, the walk to Jaffa Harbor should take you more than 20 minutes.
Right at the beginning of the harbor, if you stop and tun your gaze to the sea, you’ll be able to spot the Andromeda rock, named after a princess from Greek Mythology, whose Mother, Cassiopeia chained her to that rock as a sacrifice to Poseidon’s sea creature.
A couple minutes’ walk further will bring you to Jaffa port. Here you can grab delicious and fresh sea food, Take a boat ride and if you have the time, go to Na’Laga’at, one of a kind Art center for integrating people with disabilities to society.
climb your way through the port’s History filled Magical little streets, which serve as a home to many Art galleries, nifty little gift shops and Museums, all the way up to St. peter’s church.
Walk your way through Kikar Kedumim with a cup of freshly grained coffee or a scone of ice cream and when you cross the whishing bridge to th Ha’Pisga gardens, make sure to stop, touch your Zodiac sign, look at the sea and make a wish. A local legend has it, that it just may come true.
If you hadn’t had lunch yet, head down to the Flea Market, where you can work your appetite just a little bit more, bargaining for vintage items, trinkets and little gems. Finding a place to eat would prove easy, as the market is ubiquitous with café’s and authentic middle eastern restaurants.
Alternatively, you can grab a bite in one of the many Wonderful Bakeries along and around Yefet street, - one of the main arteries of Jaffa - and head right back up to Ha’pisga gardens for a sunset you will not soon forget.
Jaffa is packed with after dark activities. Many of the restaurants and art galleries you already walked by are open till late including classical places like the Ha’Hamam and more. If you like nice places for a beer we recommend “ beit kandinof” next to H’apisga gardens, which is a renovated old house that serves today as a bar with several art galleries, which attract lots of burners and hipsters,
“Ramesses”, which is a bunch of united restaurants and bars in a lovely pedestrian area, next to the clock tower circle, and “Shaffa” bar which locates in one of the alleys int the middle of the flea market.
Here’s the tip we promised you at the beginning of this video: If you are heading to Jaffa from Tel aviv or heading back to Tel Aviv at the end of your day in old Jaffa, make sure to pass through Ha’tahana. The old train station on the Jaffa-Jerusalem line, located between the sea shore and the Neveh Zedek neighborhood, which operated from 1892 to 1948. This was the first railway line between Little Asia and Egypt. A few years ago, the station was converted to a compound that offers a variety of activities for the whole family.