Tel Aviv promenade from Tel Aviv port to Jaffa port

Tel Aviv promenade bike tour from Tel Aviv port to Jaffa port.
there are pointers along the video of all the beaches and main hotels and attractions in the Tel Aviv boardwalk area
here are the main places in the timeline of the video:
Hilton hotel 0:17
Metsitsim beach 0:40
Nordau beach ( seperated beach for orthodoxJews) 1:04
Hilton beach 1:48
Tel Aviv Marina 1:47
Carlton hotel 2:11
Gordon pool 2:30
Gordon beach 2:45
Crowne plaza hotel 2:57
Renaissance hotel 3:05
Sheraton hotel 3:15
Frishman beach 3:54
Dan hotel 4:02
Bograshov beach 4:32
opera tower 5:02
Allenby street 5:11
Jerusalem beach 5:29
Geula beach 5:43
Banana beach 6:09 ( AKA Aviv beach)
Royal beach hotel 6:15
David Intercontinental hotel 6:32
Charles Clore park 7:06
Manta Ray restaurant 8:02
Etzel Museum 8:30
Alma beach 8:42
Old Jaffa 9:25
St Peter's Church 10:01
Jaffa port 11:36
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